14,000 lb Dump Trailer Georgia Factory Pick Up

High Quality Dump Trailers-Compare Features Before You Buy

If you are in the market for a top-of-the-line, quality built dump trailer you need to compare the features before you buy one. There are many trailer manufacturers who build dump trailers but remember, they are certainly not all constructed alike. Before you invest in a dump trailer to handle your jobs be sure to compare the features that matter most. First, be sure it is made of materials rated to haul the load. It’s easy to use thinner metal or framing and get the price down, but over time that will cause you problems. You also want to be sure it has a powerful hydraulic lift pump and cylinder that will get the lifting done everyday without overtasking the pump or the cylinder. Be sure to get a trailer that has both the hydraulic cylinder and the scissor lift mechanism to ensure the safest and strongest lifting. The trailer axles and their capacity are of tremendous importance because you will have a serious load to haul most of the time. If it doesn’t have tandem 7,000 lb axles (14,000 lb GVWR) it doesn’t have heavy enough axles, period. The tandem 7k axles should also come standard with 8 lug, 16″ E-rated radial trailer tires to support the load. Don’t forget that having rear doors is not enough, you also will need slide-in load ramps to drive your equipment onto your dump trailer to take to the job site. In most states the state requires a cover over your load before you get onto a highway, so be sure your dump trailer has an easy to unroll and rollup tarp cover designed to withstand the weather and the use. Certainly don’t forget the painted finish. The Currahee Trailers, Inc 7 x 14 dump trailer has both a primer coat and a high quality finish coat for years of lasting service. In summary, compare the features of a dump trailer before you think a price is too good to be true and you buy one that just isn’t very good. https://trailers2go4less.com/category/currahee/