Cargo Craft Texas Built Elite V Cargo Trailers
Cargo Craft Texas built Elite V cargo trailers at the best online trailer showroom prices.Order your Cargo Craft Texas built enclosed trailer for delivery transfer to you in Corsicana, Texas when completed. Build time varies depending on size and extra options chosen. Estimate for base models is 6-8 weeks but not guaranteed. Trailers with extra build options take longer. DON’T order from a trailer picture only! Pictures shown are not necessarily the exact size listed & trailers may be shown with additional options that are not included in base price. Standard features included in base price are listed on the trailer price order page. Brand new Cargo Craft Texas built cargo trailers all on sale now. Shop for your size, add any custom options you want. Your trailer is built to your order for your pick up in Corsicana, Texas after it is custom built.