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Cargo trailers are considered the most popular type trailer for most personal and small business use. Cargo trailers are also sometimes referred to by other names, like enclosed trailer or box trailer, but the name cargo trailer is all encompassing for these other names. Cargo trailers are so popular because they are great for carrying and storing products or tools or machinery, and they are fully enclosed, lockable, and allow you to protect your products and equipment from the weather elements. An enclosed cargo trailer also is a much safer option for protecting your products, supplies, equipment and machinery from theft, because it can be securely locked up and your inside contents are out of plain site.

Another popular feature of cargo trailers is that they are available in a variety of colored exterior metal. Most cargo trailers are constructed on a steel framework, have plywood or some other form of wood product used as the interior floor and wall lining. The exterior is generally manufactured using colored .024, .030, .040 thickness aluminum but some cargo trailers have a steel exterior if they are to going to be used in an extreme work environment and weather conditions. These type trailers come in a variety of sizes from as small as a little 4′ x 6′ bumper pull model all the way to an 8.5′ x 52′ goose-neck pull model. Cargo trailers come in single axle models that can easily be pulled behind a car, SUV or pick up truck with just a standard bumper pull type hitch.

Other larger enclosed cargo type trailers require tandem axles, sometimes referred to as dual axle models. These are required to have electric or hydraulic brakes along with a safety breakaway kit to comply with the DOT safety regulations. One of the best things about enclosed cargo trailers is they have multiple uses. They are used by landscapers to haul lawn maintenance equipment. But they are also used by painters and plumbers and other tradesmen to carry their supplies, tools and other items needed to do their work. Enclosed Cargo trailers are also easily customized to serve as a less expensive option to use for concession and food service trailers. The options available to customize your cargo trailer are almost endless. You can add water service, electrical service, concession serving doors and service windows. You can also completely customize the inside wall linings and add cabinets, work tables, air conditioning, special LED lighting and more.

You literally can customize a cargo trailer to serve your needs for just about any job or service you want to provide. Buyers also use cargo trailers for hauling their motorcycles or even cars and trucks. Walk-on roofs and party decks are popular options if you want to take your trailer to the race track or to concerts. If outdoor cooking is your joy, back porches with room for BBQ grills and more are also available options on cargo trailers. An enclosed cargo trailer is a versatile and mobile vehicle that can be customized for work or play and is truly a good investment because cargo trailers retain their re-sale value. Trailers2Go4Less sells name brand cargo trailers at discounted sale prices from famous name cargo trailer manufacturers. Buyers pick up at the factory of their choice.

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