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Utility type tow behind bumper pull style trailers are sold across the United States more often than any other trailer type. These trailers are available in all sizes from a single axle 4′ x 6′ up to a tandem or dual axle 8′ x 24′ and many are available in either a wood deck floor or a metal deck floor. The most popular deck floor is the treated wood deck because it is so versatile and lasts a long time and can be easily replaced when it wears out or is damaged. The wood floor is also less expensive than the steel metal deck floor.

Utility trailers are also referred to by other names like landscape trailer or flat deck trailer or even motorcycle trailer or snowmobile trailer. But all of these names basically refer to the utility trailer type. The reason these trailers are classified as a utility trailer is because they have so many uses. They are used every day by landscapers, tree companies, lawn care companies, contractors, and every day uses by homeowners. People use utility trailers to haul just about anything including motorcycles, 4-wheelers, side-by-sides, snowmobiles, mowers and lawn care accessories, pressure washing equipment, building material, paint, small industrial equipment, farm machinery, camping gear, dirt and pine straw, mulch, rocks, gravel, furniture, appliances, firewood, and more.

Utility trailers usually have what’s called a rear ramp style load gate that drops down and folds up as needed to load and unload whatever you are hauling on your utility trailer. These trailers sometimes are manufactured with fold-up load ramps for use in rolling certain types of equipment onto and off of the the utility trailer. Utility trailers are generally manufactured with a V-tongue and tongue jack along with a bumper pull ball type hitch coupler for use with either a 2″ or 2-5/16″ tow ball on the tow vehicle. Another reason a utility trailer is very popular is that the smaller ones can be towed with a car and allows the user the versatility to move larger bulky items that cannot fit into their smaller vehicle.

Larger utility trailers are used in commercial applications every day across the country by many service provider type business. Larger utility trailers are used haul equipment, material and supplies, tools, and a wide range of products. You’ll find homeowners and lawn care companies hauling their mowers back and forth for repair or to work sites. You’ll see outdoor enthusiasts hauling their motorcycles, 4-wheelers and dirt bikes on their weekend outings. Campers love utility trailers because they are easy to pile all your camping gear on and off and get to your campsite. Utility trailers are the most versatile and most used trailer because they are also the least expensive of all trailers. Trailers2Go4Less sells high quality utility landscape trailers for factory direct pick up at discounted sale prices.

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