Hybrid Enclosed Cargo Open Deck Trailer

Hybrid Cargo Trailer. Choose any width Anvil cargo trailer in the overall length you want, then choose this option to convert the rear to an open deck hybrid trailer. Must choose a minimum of 6′ open deck conversion. Can be converted on any width model. Example: Select a 16′ long Anvil enclosed cargo trailer, convert the rear 8′ to open deck, you have an 8′ enclosed area and 8′ open deck area. Price includes the steel mesh ramp load gate on rear and your choice of treated wood or steel tread plate floor on open deck. Doors, tie-downs, etc purchased separately. (Pictured in 8.5 wide model)https://trailers2go4less.com/shop/anvil-cargo-options/hybrid-open-rear-deck-conversion-width-model-99-per-foot/