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76" X 16' Currahee Double Axle Landscape Trailer Commercial Edition

$ 2,450.00 $ 2,199.00

Model Number: LD616D


LD616D - 76" x 16' (wt 1780)


Standard Features

2 x 8 Pressure Treated Wood Floor  3 x 2 x 3/16 Angle Frame
7000# GVWR  3 x 2 x 3/16 Angle Crossmembers
2 - 3500# Brake Axles 14" Tall Angle Top Rail
 Breakaway Kit  4' Heavy Duty Landscape Gate
2 5/16" A-Frame Couplerw/wrap tongue 205-15" New Tires
A-Frame Tongue Jack  White Spoke Wheels
Landscape Box Tongue Storage Tray
D.O.T. Lighting Teardrop Fenders with Backing
7-Way Plug Safety Chains
Spare Tire Mount & Tag Bracket Acrylic Enamel Paint

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      Add a 5' Wide Side Load Ramp Gate to Any Landscape Model (10'-20')


      Add an additional 5' wide ramp load gate to the side of the trailer for side loading. Can only be installed in front of axle(s). Normally on curbside but cab be on driver side if requested.

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      Flip Up Load Ramps Instead of Gate (18'-20' Models Only)


      Changes from standard rear single load gate to flip up load ramps on Landscape Trailers 18'-20' models only

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      Locking Landscape Storage Box (Welded or Bolted On)


      To Fit Any Landscape Trailer-Your choice welded or bolted across the front end (indicate your choice at time of order)

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      Upgrade from 3500# to 5200# Brake Axles (18'-20' Landscape Models)


      Upgrade from 3500# to 5200# axles--Also mainframe, tongue, & tire size upgrade.

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      Upgrade From A-frameTongue Jack to Flip Up Jack


      Upgrade from the standard tongue jack to a flip up/away jack on any landscape model trailer, single or double axle that comes standard with a jack

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      Upgrade to 24” Expanded Metal Sides-Any 14' & Longer Tandem Axle Landscape Trailer


      Upgrades from standard 14” open rail sides to 24” high sides with expanded metal (wire mesh) all around

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      Upgrade to 24” High Expanded Metal Sides 12' & Shorter Models


      Upgrades any standard 14”high open rail side tandem landscape  trailer to 24” high expanded metal (wire mesh) all around

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      Upgrade to Split Rear Gate (10'-16' Landscape Models)


      Change from standard single rear gate to split gate on any landscape trailer 10'-16' long

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      Upgrade to Wrapped Tongue-Tandem Axle Landscape Models


      Upgrade the standard tongue to a stronger wrapped tongue on any tandem axle landscape model

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      Upgrade Width on Landscape Trailer to 82” Wide (10'-16' Models)


      Upgrade any 10'-16'  long model landscape trailer from the standard width to 82” width