Trailer Industry Booming After COVID-19 Shutdowns Earlier in Year

Trailers2Go4Less Dealers Selling Trailers at Fast Pace-Buyers Waiting on New Inventory Deliveries

The coronavirus pandemic has been a game-changer for so many industries, and there are so many unanticipated consequences. That’s true in our industry as well! We’ve been seeing big changes – and that’s an understatement. 


In some ways, the change has been positive for firms like ours that offer value to buyers. At the same time, you never really want a lot of slowdowns, because it just makes buying more difficult. We are trying to work through these issues with our customers, but it’s something that you should know about if you’re excited about getting your trailer on the road sometime soon. 


Here’s some of the reality that’s started to exist around the market for high-end trailers, which customers can use to haul everything from dog grooming kits to musical equipment or landscaping tools, or anything else, for personal or small business purposes. 


High Demand for Trailers


In the age of coronavirus, business is changing. Some types of conventional businesses like cruise ship companies and airlines are losing money hand over fist – but new opportunities are cropping up, because of the new reality.


Many service businesses are able to set up new social distancing compliant models by having trailers to cart equipment and products around. Pop-up retail is in some ways replacing many kinds of in-store retail, where people have to breathe the same air for hours on end. Outdoor markets are booming. The portability of sales is a big factor in today’s business world. 


Supply Chain Slowdowns


The other side of this is problems with the supply chain for trailers and other high-end discrete manufactured products. We’re seeing that some manufacturers are having trouble maintaining their supply chains and production, even as this new demand soars.


What all of that means is that if you want to benefit from our low-overhead model for trailers from the best manufacturers like Anvil, Currahee, Econoline, and Lark, you need to act early and quickly. It’s not uncommon to have a waiting list to buy some of our most in-demand models, so take a look and start talking as early as possible, to try to get your trailer solutions in place by the time that you need them. On our end, we’ll do everything we can to expedite your delivery, but as with so many other kinds of business, the pandemic really changes the equation.

You can learn a lot more on our web site about your choices and options, and how to move forward. Take advantage of the boom, at affordable prices!