Best 6 x 12 Cargo Trailer-Factory Pick Up

We sell the best 6 x 12 cargo trailer for factory pick up that you will find anywhere. If you are looking for the very best deal on a new 6 x 12 cargo trailer you have found it. Our high quality Anvil enclosed cargo trailers come standard with full features that others charge extra to add them. You can choose from six standard free colors of exterior metal all at the same low sale price. Our Anvil cargo trailers come with all plywood interior, roof vent, side door on all 6′ wide and larger, 15″ radial tires, LED lights, and electric brakes on all tandem axle models. Anvil issues a 5 year written limited warranty on all their models and sizes. Quality workmanship is a priority at Anvil Trailer located in Douglas, Georgia. The skilled craftsmen that build each Anvil trailer have many years experience making sure each cargo trailer is built to the high quality standards required on every Anvil trailer. When searching for a new enclosed cargo trailer you always want to be sure you are comparing features and price. Many trailer manufacturers build a lessor quality trailer with less standard features and then charge extra for other upgraded features, but our Anvil cargo trailers come standard with the features you will need, and you can also customize your trailer with a ton of extra options if you like. Whatever size cargo trailer you need from a tiny 4 x 6 to a big 8.5 x 50 goose-neck, we have it for you at a great low sale price.