88-2067 Work Light Ind

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Online prices are for your pick up at the factory location. (delivery is also an option). TRAILERS ARE TO BE PICKED UP WITHIN 5 BUSINESS DAYS (1 WEEK) OF COMPLETION NOTIFICATION! Pickups are generally available Monday-Friday normal business hours. You pay the remaining balance due on your order at or before pick up (depending on the policy of the factory you order from) in cash, bank wire (ACH) or certified bank check. No personal or business checks, no credit or debit cards are accepted for the remaining balance due. After final payment and pick up, the original trailer certificate (MSO) will be completed and signed by the authorized, licensed selling dealership. Your final paid sales invoice and the MSO is then mailed directly to you. Allow up to 14 days after pick up to receive your final paperwork. Take your paperwork to your local DMV to register your trailer. Most states allow for towing your trailer up to 30 days  before formal registration is required. Laws differ by states and we don’t know these laws. It is solely up to the purchaser to find out this information, as we assume no responsibility for your legal towing. You will be notified by phone and/or email when your trailer is ready for pick up at the factory. Production schedules are set by the factory producing your trailer, however, they know you want your trailer and they make every effort to build it timely. The more complex options on a trailer the longer it takes. Build times vary depending on season, factory backlog, etc. There is no exact guaranteed availability time, only estimates.


NOTE: We do not quote or collect charges for or schedule shipping for you.  You contract a 3rd party trucking/freight company of your choice and you pay them their delivery fee directly, however they require it.

As a courtesy we have listed trucking companies below who pick up from factories to deliver your trailer to you. If you are a buyer from Canada, you can arrange for the delivery of your trailer to the border crossing of your choice and possibly into Canada (arrange this with the trucking company). Trucking companies change their rates based on, among other things, current fuel prices. Rates are subject to change at any time. Rates also vary based on the size and quantity of trailers on the load. Trailers can be single pulled to where you meet the truck. Delivery for multiple trailers (all shipped on the same loaded truck) is also available from some trucking companies. You only pay for the “loaded miles” traveled during delivery. (one-way to where they meet you). NOTE: If you have your trailer delivered/shipped, the purchase balance due on the trailer must be paid in full by certified bank check or wired funds prior to the dealer/factory releasing your trailer to a trucking company. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Anvil Trailers, LLC

2110 North Industrial Blvd
Douglas, GA 31533

Lark United Mfg
1213 South Wheeler Ave
Douglas, GA 31534

Lark United Mfg of Texas
2290 McGuffey Road
McGregor, Texas 76657

*For delivery to you from the Douglas, Georgia area contact:

DKD Logistics, Inc
Rene Baker
288 Benjamin Hill Dr SW Suite 3
Fitzgerald GA 31750
Email: dkdmanager@gmail.com
Trailers2Go4Less.com special discounted delivery rates:
*Up to 20′ long.. Only $1.30 per loaded mile
*22′ & longer.. Only $1.40 per loaded mile
Call or email DKD for an exact quote to where you wish to meet the truck.




850 Tommy Irvin Road
Mount Airy, Georgia 30563

*For a quote for delivery to you from the CURRAHEE  factory or any factory you may be ordering from contact: www.UShip.com

231 County Road 33
Double Springs, Alabama 35553

*For a quote for delivery to you from the ECONOLINE factory contact:

800-833-9237 (WORK)
205-485-3877 (CELL) 

*For a quote for delivery to you from the Waco/McGregor, Texas area contact:

Big Tex Transport
Richard Wilson
Email: Richard@BigTexTransport.com

Disclaimer: Trailers2go4Less, it’s parent company, any of its owners or employees, or any of its authorized dealers has no ownership interest in any factory or trucking company and bears no responsibility for proper delivery of any trailer. Any delivery agreement and payment responsibility will be solely between the buyer and the delivery company. Buyers ordering from this site or from any dealers advertised on this site, are not required to use any specific delivery company suggested on this site and are free to choose any delivery service of their choice.