Frequently Asked Questions

What does a trailer’s “Star Rating” mean?

It is the Trailers2Go4Less  “Price to Value” rating from 1-5 stars that we assign to every trailer we offer for sale. Due to our high standards, we don’t offer any trailers for sale that our management team doesn’t feel they can rate at least 3 stars. See full explanation on the Understanding our trailer star ratings page.
5 Star Rating =Excellent…4 Star Rating =Very Good… 3 Star Rating =Good… 2 Star Rating =OK… 1 Star Rating =Unacceptable

Retail prices shown are either the MSRP provided by the manufacturer or, based on our research, the retail price you can expect to pay when buying a comparable model off a retail dealer lot. But, depending on the dealer pricing policies and their physical location, and due to shipping costs, you could easily have to pay even more. Our sale price you see is our best currently discounted price for a trailer, for your pick up at the factory after your trailer is custom built to your specific order, or professional, insured delivery is available for per loaded (one-way) mile. See Delivery Options

Are trailers in stock ready to pick up?

No. All trailers shown on our site are available for online ordering, built to your order for your pick up upon completion at the factory location you choose when ordering, or in some cases, you must contract with a 3rd party transporter for delivery to you at your expense . Yes, limited types, brands and sizes listed on our website are possibly in stock at our stocking dealership partner lot in El Dorado, Arkansas. Contact individual stocking dealer for prices and on hand inventory, on the Contact Us page.

Are trailer prices at stocking dealer lots the same as shown online?

No, dealers have paid delivery costs and have operation costs, so trailers have to be higher priced on the dealer lots than online. Contact the stocking dealer offices directly for their prices. Contact Us

If I order online, how long does it take for my trailer to be built?

It varies by season, factory, trailer type, size and extra options and upgrades you select. From as little as a week or two or can be up to a few months for some brands, especially for trailers with a lot of extra customization. We post factory estimated build lead times under each manufacturer and can give you an estimate before or after you place your online order.

If I order online for factory pick up, is delivery to me an available option?

Yes! 3rd party, fully insured transport companies are listed on our website under Delivery Options. Contact them directly for a delivery quote to wherever you want to meet their delivery truck. Scheduling and delivery cost payment is between buyer and delivery company. Delivery quoted for per loaded (one-way) mile, all the way to you or at an interim location where you would like to drive to meet the delivery driver.

How much down payment is required with my online order?

Deposits vary depending by factory, trailer base price and any extra options and upgrades you may select. When you select your specific trailer and options, the site shows you the total minimum required build deposit for your order right in your shopping cart. Add or delete items as you choose.

How do I pay my build deposit when ordering online?

If your required build deposit is $1499.00 or less, you can pay at checkout with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex or your PayPal account. If $1500.00 or more, you pay either by a bank wire transfer, an ACH transfer or by mailing a bank cashiers check to our dealer accounting office, your choice. With pre-approval we may accept a check from a large private or public company, religious organization, municipality, etc.;  for the deposit amount.

How and when do I pay my remaining balance due when ordering online?

Some factories will take cash, or you pay by bank certified check or verifiable money order at pick up. If you contract a 3rd party transport company who is delivering your trailer to you, full payment for your trailer to our accounting office by bank wire transfer or ACH is required prior to your trailer being released from the factory to any delivery transport company.

Am I charged sales tax?

No, not when ordering online. All our online sales are processed through our Arkansas dealer, McManus Cycle & Trailers. So, you are purchasing from an out-of-state dealer (unless you are an Arkansas resident) and therefore we do not charge or collect sales tax. You are responsible for any sales tax or other fees your local DMV tag office may charge you when you register your trailer. You are charged the required sales tax amount when buying off a stocking dealer lot. 

What other fees are charged to me when ordering online?

None, only the price for what you select and add into your shopping cart. There are no other fees of any kind charged by us.

When do I get my trailer paperwork to go register and tag my trailer?

When buying off a stocking dealer lot, you get it when you pay and take your trailer. When ordering online, your final paperwork is mailed to you by our accounting office for your receipt generally within 14-21 days after pick up or delivery of your custom built trailer.

Can I buy and register the trailer in a business name?

Yes, whatever you tell us you want on the final paperwork, your name or your business name, your choice.

If I order online can I pay the online price and pick up at any stocking dealer lot?

No. All online orders are processed separately and only through our online dealer and online prices are for your pick up (or shipping) based on the brand you order. Delivery to your chosen location is an additional cost to you . See Delivery Options.

Can I pay for all the cost of my trailer with a credit card or PayPal?

For online orders, you can only pay the build deposit amount with a credit card/debit card when the build deposit amount is up to $1499.00. If deposit is $1500.00 and greater the entire deposit amount is paid by a bank wire transfer or ACH payment or by mailing a bank cashiers check to our dealer accounting office. 

How do I pre-pay in full for my trailer?

Send our accounting office a bank certified check, a bank wire transfer or an ACH payment. Email for our bank wiring details.

How may colors are available?

At least one free color is offered by every factory, most offer at three or more free choices. There are also upgrade color choices available for an additional fee.

Can I place a phone order instead of ordering online?

Yes of course, we do not have commissioned sales people, but just call our toll free number 844-994-4636 and we will be happy to assist you.

What if I am looking for a particular trailer or options I don’t see on your website?

Email or call 844-994-4636 and we will find out exactly what you want and see if we can provide it.

Do you manufacture your trailers?

No, sales are through authorized and duly licensed dealerships representing and selling quality, name brand trailer manufacturers. All our manufacturers offer a written factory limited warranty.

What is the warranty on trailers you sell?

Each factory brand offers their own individual, written limited warranty. Depending on the type and brand you purchase, the warranty is from 1-5 years. You will be given a copy of the factory limited warranty with your paperwork and you must complete it and mail it in ASAP to the factory for your warranty to be validated. The factory warranty specifies what is covered and for how long, and what parts are covered by certain component suppliers, like the axle manufacturer. There is no other warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, issued by the selling dealer except the warranty issued by the factory and other component suppliers. Warranty claims are handled directly between the buyer and the trailer manufacturer.

Do you accept crypto-currency like Bitcoin?

No, at this time we do not accept this type payment.

How long has Trailers2Go4Less been in business?

Our parent company, a diversified Georgia corporation that owns, was founded in 2001, and made entry into the trailer business segment in 2008 with one dealership partner in metro Atlanta. Today we sell online and through dealer partners to trailer buyers from all across the U.S. and in Canada.

How long do I have to pick up my trailer at the factory after it has finished?

Unless there are special circumstances, like inclement weather, family emergency, etc., all finished trailers are to be picked up and/or paid for in full within 7 days of their confirmed finish date. 

Who can I contact with any questions I might have before or after I purchase?

Email or call 844-994-4636 for sales or other trailer information. Email or call 870-918-3540 for any paperwork or payment information.