By checking the “I Accept Terms and Conditions” box required to proceed at checkout, I affirm that I am the legal buyer and I am 18 years old or older, and I agree to and accept all these terms and conditions. I understand and agree that if I cancel my online order for any reason after my trailer order is placed, accepted and confirmed, my entire deposit is non-refundable for any reason. Furthermore, I understand and agree that by placing a charge to or through my PayPal account and/or my credit card, the purchase shall be considered a non-face-to-face transaction but I agree it will be considered just the same as a face-to-face-transaction.  I understand and agree that my online trailer purchase is final and complete when I submit my online order. I understand and agree that my online order is accepted subject to the factory’s ability to build the trailer with the specifications I order. If they cannot, I will be given the choice of a deposit refund or accepting the trailer the way the factory can build it and for what additional cost to me, if any. I understand and agree that some options listed on the web site are not necessarily available on all models. I understand and agree that if I cancel my order for any reason my full deposit is non-refundable with no exceptions, or if I do not pick up my trailer within a reasonable time (7 DAYS) of its written availability notification to me, I could risk, at the sole discretion of seller, forfeiting my entire deposit amount as liquidated damages for my trailer having to be re-stocked. I understand and agree that trailers are considered a vehicle and come with a Mfg Statement of Origin (MSO) for registration with the DMV in my state, with a specific VIN #. I understand and agree that I will be supplied the proper registration paperwork in a reasonable time after I pay in full and take possession of my trailer. I understand and agree once my order is placed, there are no refunds, no exchanges, no construction changes, no returns of any kind. I understand and agree that all trailers come with a full factory limited warranty, not a dealer warranty, and if I have an issue with my trailer I will deal directly with the factory who produced it. By accepting these Terms & Conditions in their entirety, I agree to be legally bound by them and I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Trailers2Go4Less.com, its parent company Bottom Line Business Consulting, Inc and its authorized online selling dealer, McManus Cycle & Trailers, all their employees or agents. FUTHERMORE, I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT ALL TRAILERS ARE PRICED FOR CASH AND FOR ONLINE ORDERS I CAN PAY THE REQUIRED BUILD DEPOSIT WITH PAYPAL, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER AND AMERICAN EXPRESS ONLY UP TO A CERTAIN TOTAL LIMIT (currently $1499.00). FOR REQUIRED DEPOSITS THAT EXCEED SAID LIMIT, I AGREE TO MAKE PAYMENT FOR AT LEAST THE ENTIRE REQUIRED BUILD DEPOSIT AMOUNT BY BANK WIRE TRANSFER, ACH PAYMENT, VERIFIABLE MONEY ORDER OR BANK CERTIFIED/CASHIERS CHECK FOR THE MINIMUM REQUIRED BUILD DEPOSIT OR ANY ADDITIONAL AMOUNT UP TO THE FULL AMOUNT. I AGREE ANY REMAINING BALANCE IS DUE AT OR BEFORE PICK UP OF MY FINISHED TRAILER PAYABLE IN CASH, BANK CERTIFIED CHECK,  PRE-PAID WIRE  OR ACH PAYMENT, DEPENDING ON THE PARTICULAR FACTORY POLICY. I UNDERSTAND SOME FACTORIES WILL NOT ACCEPT CASH AT PICK UP. I UNDERSTAND NO CREDIT, NO DEBIT CARDS, NO PERSONAL or BUSINESS CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED FOR ANY FINAL BALANCE DUE. END OF TERMS & CONDITIONS

Office contact information: Email Admin@trailers2go4less.com or call our accounting office at 870-918-3540 for our bank wiring instructions and/or our office mailing address. Note: You can apply for 3rd party financing by clicking on any of the “Apply for Financing” links found on this website. Final payment is due from either you or your finance company at or prior to trailer pick up within 7 days of your trailer ready availability date.