All our trailers are priced for cash. We do accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express for build deposits, but only up to a maximum build deposit amount, currently $1499.00. This is one way we keep our prices so low. You can also apply for 3rd party financing by clicking the “Apply for Financing” link found here and in multiple places on our site.

BUYING ONLINE THROUGH OUR DEALER PARTNER: When buying online your order paperwork and payments are processed through our Arkansas dealer partner, McManus Cycle & Trailers, El Dorado, Arkansas. You pay a non-refundable build deposit when you place your online order, using your PayPal account or a credit card, (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), up to a limited deposit amount (currently $1499.00). If your required deposit exceeds the limit amount, you pay your deposit either by bank wire transfer, ACH payment or by mailing a bank cashiers/certified check or verifiable money order, your choice. Our accounting office can accept just the deposit amount or any additional amount up to the entire amount if you are paying by bank wire transfer, ACH or mailing a certified bank check. Since we only ask for a percentage as a deposit up to a limited amount, we absorb the c/c processing fee, but we can’t absorb the c/c fee on the full price of the trailer. Therefore, the remaining balance due must be paid in either cash (if the particular factory will accept cash), bank cashiers/certified check or bank electronic funds transfer or verifiable money order at or before pick up. No personal or business checks and no credit or debit cards are accepted at pick up.! Bank wires are accepted at least two business days prior to your pick up or the trucking company picks up for you, depending on the factory. Call 870-918-3540 or email  for  our bank wiring or ACH instructions, or our office mailing address.

If you choose to mail a bank certified check or money order for your deposit or full purchase amount, your trailer will not be placed into the production schedule until the funds have been received by us and cleared your bank. (This will delay your production time, so we suggest overnight mail). If you are having your trailer picked up by a trucking company and delivered to you, the balance must be paid in full before the trailer will be released to the trucking company. Buyer is responsible for hiring and paying any trucking/freight company directly under a separate agreement between buyer and trucking/freight company. (see Delivery Options)

BALANCE DUE PAYMENT AT FACTORY PICK UP: No personal or business checks or credit or debit cards are accepted by the factory at pick up. If you would like to wire or ACH the funds, you must pre-arrange the wire transfer with the dealer accounting office, you are responsible for verbally verifying with our office that you are sending funds to our correct bank and bank account and the funds must be received at least two business days prior to your pickup day. You will be responsible for any applicable wire transfer fees. Call our dealer accounting office  at 870-918-3540 to verbally confirm your identity and also email us at for our confidential bank wire/ACH payment instructions.

BUYING FROM OUR STOCKING DEALERS: Our Arkansas dealership accepts cash for all in stock off the lot purchases, or you can apply for credit at any of the finance companies listed on this site.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us at or call us at 844-994-4636