Understanding Our Trailer Star Ratings

What Does a Trailer’s Star Rating Represent?

It is the Trailers2Go4Less “Price to Value” rating from 1-5 stars that we assign to every trailer we offer for sale. Due to our high standards, we don’t offer any trailers for sale that our management team of trailer pros don’t feel they can rate at least 3 stars.

  • 5 Star Rating = Excellent
  • 4 Star Rating = Very Good
  • 3 Star Rating = Good
  • 2 Star Rating = OK
  • 1 Star Rating = Unacceptable

Our RETAIL online price shown is either the MSRP provided by the manufacturer or, based on our research, the retail price we believe you can expect to pay buying a comparable model off a retail dealer lot. But, depending on particular dealer’s pricing markup policy and their physical location, and with freight costs, you could easily pay even more. Our online SALE price shown is our best currently discounted price for a trailer. The sale price, depending on the trailer brand, is for your pick up either at the factory or at our designated pick up lot after your trailer is custom built to your specific order, or 3rd party professional, insured delivery is available to you at your additional expense.

Almost all trailer manufacturers would like Trailers2Go4Less to offer their product lines for sale, but our team of trailer professionals are very particular. Our buyers are constantly looking and comparing trailer brands and they also attend the annual NATDA Trailer Show where they scrutinize all the top manufacturers from across the country. Ultimately, they choose to sell brands and models they feel provide the best overall product for the money, that also offer the best value to customers including the quality and more standard features to support the price of the product. That’s how we arrive at the star rating we assign every trailer we sell, based on the overall value we believe a trailer offers to us and ultimately to you our valued customer!