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Gooseneck trailers come in many different types and sizes for various uses. One reason gooseneck trailers are a popular trailer for using in a working environment, is they are generally considered to be safer to tow, especially once you reach a trailer length of 30 feet and longer. With a goose-neck style trailer, the actual goose-neck hitch coupler is attached to the tow vehicle in the center of the rear bed area, at least 4 inches in front of the rear axle. This goose-neck hitch mounting location allows the weight of the trailer itself and the payload to be more evenly placed on the tow vehicle. By placing the hitch farther forward on the tow vehicle, the driver is able to have more control over the trailer and tow vehicle, especially when carrying a heavy load. The other benefit of a goose-neck trailer is that the tow vehicle can make sharper turns when going forward or backing up, because the goose-neck hitch has more room to swivel in a circular motion without jack-knifing the trailer into the tow vehicle.

When hauling heavy equipment, material, or vehicles gooseneck trailers are generally the safest type trailer. Since gooseneck trailers are available either as open deck flatbed models or as fully enclosed goose-neck cargo models, you can choose the trailer that best suits your need for hauling. Open deck goose-neck trailers are usually available up to about 40 feet long and are available in stationary bed or tilt bed styles. The goose-neck type coupler system also allows the user to carry other things on top of the goose-neck hitch, like a mounted spare tire or even a platform for carrying tools or other support items needed. The enclosed goose-neck cargo trailers are very popular for hauling race cars and for customizing with actual living quarters.

Electrical service and water service, custom flooring and finished walls are popular custom options on goose-neck enclosed cargo trailers. When selecting a goose-neck cargo trailer it is very important that you know the weight of the payload you plan to carry on the trailer. You will want to make certain the goose-neck trailer you choose has the axle and frame capacity to handle the load you want to tow. You will also want to be sure you have a tow vehicle that is rated high enough to tow the weight of the trailer when it is fully loaded. Remember that the DOT has specific rules and regulations regarding weight limits and what type of license you must have when towing certain type trailers when used in a commercial environment. Gooseneck trailers do require a special type hitch on your tow vehicle and there can also be multiple type connectors for a goose-neck type trailer. There is the standard 2-5/16″ goose-neck ball type coupler, there is the fifth wheel type coupler and there is the kingpin type coupler. So make sure you know what type goose-neck coupler you will need before buying a tow vehicle or goode-neck trailer. Trailers2Go4Less sells both open deck flatbed type goose-neck trailers and enclosed goose-neck type trailers in a wide variety of styles, weight capacities and colors.

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