Best Prices for Lark Cargo Trailers Built in Douglas, Georgia

We sell Lark United Georgia made Cargo Trailers at low sale prices for your pick up at the factory when completed or delivery to you is available.

IMPORTANT READ: Don't order from a picture! Pictures may not be the exact size & trailers may be shown with additional options not included in the base price. All standard features included in base price are listed on the trailer order page for each size.
 Trailers are built to your specific order for your pick up at the Lark Georgia factory upon completion. All bumper pull sizes from a 5 x 6 to 8.5 x 34 and everything in between.
COLOR NOTICE: Due to a national metal shortage, all colors may not be available at time of production. You may be notified to choose an available color.
Current estimated build time is 10-14 weeks depending on size, add 4-6 weeks longer for orders with a lot of extra customized interior options. No exact finish date is guaranteed.
INSTRUCTIONS: Scroll down! Click on a trailer to see price, standard features, color choices and available options.

5' and 6' Single Axle Models

6' Wide Tandem Axle Models

7' Wide Single Axle Models

7' Wide Tandem Axle Models

8' Wide Models (Available in Tandem Axle Only)

8.5' Wide Models (Available in Tandem Axle Only)