Custom Design Your Food Service or Concession Trailer and Save Money

In many ways, it’s becoming a massive industry in the food truck and trailer business, caused by the COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 and 2021..
In the wake of coronavirus closures and restrictions, more people are wanting to make various transactions outside, and not in commercial buildings such as restaurants and bars.
There were already a lot of compelling reasons to start a food truck or trailer business prior to this year, but the coronavirus has amped up demand enormously.
Perhaps you have your own idea of how to start up a food concession business: one great way to start out is to get your custom concessions trailer built like you want it with all of the bells and whistles that you need to operate a high-quality foodservice business in your community or anywhere that’s part of your new business plan.
Factory-Direct Pickup
With our line of Anvil Cargo trailers outfitted for concessions service, you can save big money when you choose factory-direct pick up in Georgia.
You get to choose only the features that you need to run your business, whether that involves barbecuing, boiling or baking, cold stuff or just selling sandwiches and snacks.
With the cabinets and work tables and everything else, you’re in a position to get cracking and develop your culinary audiences on the go.
Outfitted for Success
Our concession trailers also are available fully featured with turnkey electrical, AC and water services. If you can imagine trying to retrofit a trailer for hot and cold water, you understand the convenience of being able to order your concession trailer all ready to go to work on day one. Electrical hookups can also be tricky if your trailer is not properly wired. We take the hassle and headaches out of getting all a concession trailer set to go to work.
Rear Porch Designs
Perhaps your business is the type of that revolves around roasting or slow cooking quality meats. Of course, in this day and age, you probably have some vegan or vegetarian options as well.
With an open deck for barbecuing in the rear of the trailer, you’re all set to compete with grill masters everywhere from your roving business location.
These modern, high-quality concession trailers are made to last. You literally can design your concession food service trailer in the exact size and configuration you want and need. Ask us about what we can do to help you design your trailer the way you need it and for less money! If you want to get it delivered to you when it’s ready, no problem, we have 3rd party truckers ready to bring your finished trailer right to your town!