What Can You Haul with an Enclosed Trailer?

At Trailers2go4less, we offer a range of Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailer models to customers all over the country. Order a custom 5’ Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailer or a slightly larger 6’ or 7’ model, and get the quality and durability you need to make this a part of your local small business gear, or a personal asset with a lot of diverse uses.


Yard Work and Other Service Businesses


One of the most popular uses for one of our Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailer designs is to keep all of your gear for your small service business contained, safe, secure and out of the elements.


What’s great about a trailer like this is that you can keep your weed-whackers, mowers, rakes and other gear safe on the job, and go home and park this vehicle without doing a single thing to store your equipment for a rainy day. When your service business equipment is always protected, it lasts longer, and you save money in the long run.


This holds true with any kind of business, whether you’re trimming trees, washing dogs, pressure washing, installing siding or anything else. The Wide Enclosed Cargo Trailer basically acts as a permanent but moving repository, and then, if you have a shed or other permanent space, you can re-stock it as necessary. That’s versatility for you!


The Music Bug


Music is also a tremendously popular hobby, as well as a pretty common small business activity all over the country.


Any band that has invested in its gear can benefit from having a small enclosed trailer to haul drums, sound equipment, guitars, microphones and more, with attention to long-term security and protection.


Again, instead of trying to wrestle bass drums and large speakers into a sedan, the band can easily haul around everything they need in a single, safe, locking enclosed space, and park it when it’s not needed.


Samples and Sales


Today, e-commerce has killed the old model of the traveling salesman, but that old business model is not entirely dead.


You may not have the Fuller Brush Man going door to door anymore, at least not as much, but you still have many small business owners moving to pop-up retail locations, events like county fairs, or outdoor markets or elsewhere, to peddle their wares. A small enclosed trailer means you can keep all of your bacon bits or soy candles or cloth swatches or anything else that you need to build relationships with customers through a show and tell process, wherever you end up on a given day.


Take a look at Trailers2go4less for the enclosed trailer models you can use to get everything where it needs to go.